Szampon samochodowy z woskiem

Description: Professional car shampoo and wax, all in one. Designed for manual and pressure washing. Thanks to modern detergents, the shampoo removes any kind of dirt quickly and effectively. The carnauba wax leaves an exceptionally durable protective layer, which safeguards the paint against dirt. Your car will keep cleanliness and colour for a longer time. In addition, the wax protects the washed surface against corrosion.

Method of use: Product in the form of a concentrate, should be diluted with warm water. Shake bottle before use. 1.Rinse car with water. Apply the shampoo on the car body by means of a pressure washer, foamer, or sponge. 2. Wash car with a soft sponge or brush. In the case of heavy soiling use shampoo locally without dilution. 3. After washing, thoroughly rinse with a large quantity of water. 4. When the paint is dry, polish with a soft cloth.

Caution: Do not use in heavy sun.

Dilutions: Foamer 1: 5; lance 1: 2; Manual 1: 20


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