Description: Innovative preparation using nano-molecules to protect material roofs cabriolets. The use of nanotechnology provides protection of each individual fibre of the protected surface, creating a strong and durable nano-layer. The preparation causes the effect of rain beading on the roof surface, and during travel, the water "goes off" leaving the material dry. Impregnated cover does not change colour, touch impression, nor the degree of breathing of the fabric. The coating is resistant to water condensation, acid rains and salt solutions, as well as chemical cleaning. Product based on silicates and water. Does not contain solvents harmful to humans and is safe for the natural environment.

Method of use:
Before applying the preparation, the roof must be dry and clean. On that surface, thoroughly spray the Nanoauto Cabrio Protect preparation. Next, rub with a dry cloth or foil glove. Full effect will be had after 2 hours from applying the impregnation. 
Use at the temperatures between 15 and 30°C.

Efficiency - 80-140ml/m2.

Note. After impregnation the roof should not come into contact with water for at least 4h.


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