Description: Advanced active foam for washing cars, and removing greasy stains. Innovative components contained in the foam react with the stains, breaking down their structure, making them easy to remove from the cleaned surface. It produces plenty of foam, ideal for touchless washing. It does not leave residue, even on dark car bodies, providing perfect gloss. Contrary to most competitive products, it contains a minimum quantity of potentially damaging components.

Method of use: Product in the form of a concentrate, dilute with water before use. The foam is perfectly suited for foamers, lance dispenser, and manual washing. Shake the bottle. Prepare appropriate dilution. Rinse car with water. Apply evenly on the entire car on moist paint, by means of a foamer, a pressure washer, or sponge. Wait for 3 min. but do not let the applied foam dry up. Rinse with pressurized water. If necessary, wipe the car with a sponge. In the case of extremely heavy soiling, use dilution proportion of 1: 10. After washing, thoroughly rinse with a large quantity of water.

Dilutions: Foamer 1: 10; lance 1: 5; Manual 1: 40.


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